Aviation | 2 July 2015
ITF review finds UK Airports Commission’s scenarios for future airport expansion robust

Forecasting Airport Demand: Review of UK Airports Commission Forecasts and ScenariosThe forecasts and scenarios for future growth of air passenger demand developed by the UK Airports Commission with regard to the expansion of Heathrow or Gatwick airports are appropriate and robust. This is the key finding of the new study “Forecasting Airport Demand: Review of UK Airports Commission Forecasts and Scenarios” produced by the International Transport Forum (ITF). The Airports Commission had asked the ITF for an external view on its forecasting models and scenarios in preparation for its final report. The Commission’s final report, published on 1 July, recommends a third runway at Heathrow airport as the best option for expanding airport capacity within the London area. The ITF review finds the approach followed by the Airports Commission to estimate future demand to be “the best available” and “very well adapted” to modelling the London airports system.

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