Transport for a Global Economy

Prize-winners 2009


The International Transport Forum awarded two prizes at this year's Forum in Leipzig: a Young Researcher Award and a Prize for Innovation in Transport and Logistics along the Global Supply Chain.

The Young Researcher Award

The Young Researcher Award 2009 was attributed to Jérôme Verny, of the Rouen Business School in France for his paper on:

"Container Shipping on the Northern Sea Route"

In his paper, Jérôme underlines the new economic geography engendered by the rapidly increasing mobility of people and goods across borders that has emerged since World War II.

Jérôme notes in his paper that intercontinental maritime container trade has intensified along traditional maritime routes since that time, but four decades of uninterrupted growth in container traffic have raised questions regarding the capacity of the traditional international trade network.

Jérôme looks at issues surrounding the viability of the Northern Sea Route as a possible trade route for containerised goods between Europe and Asia given global warming considerations.

The Jury highlighted in particular the originality of the approach adopted by Jérôme Verny in his paper and the scientifically-rooted analysis he developed in his research.


Prize for Innovation in Transport and Logistics along the Global Supply Chains

The Prize for Innovation in Transport and Logistics along the Global Supply Chain was attributed to Baxter International European Distribution Centre, Belgium.

The Belgian-based European distribution centre for Baxter International, a global healthcare company, launched an innovative initiative called 'Transportation of healthcare products by inland navigation' in 2007. This initiative was designed to improve speed and reliability, lower transport costs and emissions, and improve overall efficiency of the Baxter distribution centre's supply chain in Benelux region.

Through this initiative, Baxter shifted all of its incoming containers from the deep-sea ports of Antwerp-Rotterdam and Zeebrugge off trucks and onto inland navigation barges. With this container traffic now entirely on inland waterways, Baxter has decreased its transport costs by 23 percent, while maintaining efficiency through increased reliability - a clear preference for consistently on-time deliveries over speed - virtually no congestion costs, and huge reductions in CO2 emissions.



Special Jury Mention for Transport and Logistics

The jury also attributed a special Jury Mention to APL Logistics, Oakland, California, USA.

Oakland California based APL Logistics launched its OceanGuaranteed Service in September 2006 with its parner Con-way Freight. The service was designed to create an ocean-based alternative to air freight for shippers from Asia to North American of less-than-container-load (or LCL) cargo. It offers a faster LCL service with day-definite delivery guarantee not offered before to shippers in this geographic zone.

Recognising the special attention to timely and reliable services offered by the OceanGuaranteed initiative, the Forum 2009 Jury wished to commend APL Logistics in particular for the improvements to the commercial aspects of the company's logistics activity.