Transport and Innovation
International Transport Forum 2010 Family Photo.  Click to magnify
Day 1: Wednesday 26 May 2010 - Expert Panels
Supply Chains: Green and More Efficient?
What is the Future of Air Transport?
Getting to Seamless Passenger Travel
Interconnected and Integrated: Optimising Intelligent Infrastructure
Public Sector Leadership: New Ideas Need Innovative Public Policy
The Wireless Revolution and the Transformation of Transport
Day 2: Thursday 27 May 2010 - Decision-Makers' Session
The Global Transport System of the Future
Meeting the Challenges: Pathways to Innovation
Sustainable Transport: Is the Future Electric?
Disseminating Innovation: Meeting the Demands of a Changing World
Innovator's Corner
Forum Roundtable on the Global Fuel Economy Initiative
Ministerial Session: Getting to the Transport System of Tomorrow
Day 3: Friday 28 May 2010 - Implementation Day
Getting Down to Business: Partnerships for a More Innovative Transport System
Side Events
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Side Event on Intelligent Transport Systems
Mayors' Roundtable Discussion: Intelligent Mobility Strategies in Major Cities