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Report on the 2012 Summit!

Transport Ministers, industry leaders and forward thinkers from over 50 countries, will meet at the International Transport Forum’s 2012 Summit to shape transport policy for the 21st Century. As an international journalist you have the opportunity to report from this unique event.

What key issues will the Summit cover?

  •  How can we improve seamlessness?
  •  To what extent is complete connectivity possible?
  •  Where should investment be made in linking urban and inter-urban transport
  •  How can seamless transport drive economic growth?
  •  How can freight traffic be better managed in cities?
  •  How can connectivity across borders be improved?
  •  How are real-time information and integrated ticketing changing passenger transport?

Why should you report from this event?

  • A unique opportunity to meet and interview politicians, industry leaders and academics all under one roof
  •  Unlimited inspiration for opinion pieces, editorials or broadcasts for your media outlet
  •  Be the first to report on the latest innovations in the field of transport and mobility
  •  Influence policy making in your own country as you take back what you’ve seen and heard
  •  Benefit from the behind-the-scenes technical tours to Porsche, BMW, the new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport and more ....
  •  Join Ministers, Mayors and other transport leaders on a cycle tour of Leipzig, at the Gala Dinner and the Presidency Reception hosted by the Japanese Transport Ministry

The grant includes...

  • Travel from your home country to Leipzig, Germany
  •  Hotel Accommodation for up to 5 nights in the host city (on bed and breakfast basis)
  •  Meals provided during the 3 days of the Summit
  •  On-site support with free access to a fully equipped media centre

How was it for journalists in 2011?

How to apply

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* Participating countries:
Argentina, Australia,  Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States.