Jack Short, Secretary General


Jack Short, Secretary General of the ITF Jack Short is the Secretary General of the International Transport Forum. He is also the Director of the Joint OECD/ITF Transport Research Centre.



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Global Transport: Moving Ahead
In an article for the November 2010 issue of Transportation Finance, Jack SHORT, together with JTRC Chief Economist Kurt VAN DENDER, takes a close look at the foundations for recovery.
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Jack Short met Mr. Ray LaHood, U.S. Secretary of Transportation in Washington D.C.
22 September 2010

World Urban Transport Leaders Summit, Singapore Transforming Urban Transport for Liveable and Sustainable Cities. 2nd World Urban Transport Leaders Summit, Singapore, 30 June-1 July 2010
Urban Travel Policy: Some lessons and challenges.
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OECD Observer Interview May 2010 "Transport Innovations"   "The development of transport and society are inescapably interlinked" In an interview with the OECD Observer Jack Short, demonstrates the intrinsic role played by transport in human history.
May 2010
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Railway GazetteInternational Interview Junel 2010 "Unleashing the Potential"   In the June 2010 issue of Railway Gazette International Jack Short discusses the core issues  focused on during Forum 2010 in Leipzig in an interview with Chris Jackson
June 2010
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Infrastructures. Interview Les Echos 21 Avril 2010 "Infrastructures : je crains que les Etats ne coupent dans les budgets d'investissements"  said Jack Short in an interview in Les Echos
21 April 2010
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Grand Paris. Commission Attalli Jack Short met with other international experts in the Commission Attali in Deauville, 30 March - 1 April 2010.  The Commission discussed the Grand Paris Project and the prospects for the port  of Le Havre and the Seine Valley.
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Jack Short met Dr. Peter Ramsauer, German Federal Minister of Transport, Building & Urban Development, to discuss plans for the 2010 International Transport Forum, 26-28 May 2010 
26 March 2010,  Berlin, Germany

18th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum 
1 February 2010,  Vienna, Austria

Cars at the Crossroads 
12 January 2010,  The France 24 Debate, Paris
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