Environment | 12 August 2014
ITF pledges support to UN High-Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport
  United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (photo) has announced the creation of a High-Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport. Over the next three years, the Group will develop recommendations on sustainable transport for the UN Secretary-General that are actionable on global, national, local and sector levels. The recommendations are intended to feed as transport-specific initiatives into a comprehensive sustainable development agenda for the time after 2015, the target date for the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.

“The creation of the UN High-Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport constitutes an important step towards focusing on transport as a priority building block for sustainable development,” said Viegas. “More than 40 years after the first oil crisis of 1973 and more than 20 years after global warming became a household word, transport is still 97% dependent on fossil fuels and produces almost 25% of man-made carbon emissions. The time has come to end this, because it is simply unsustainable.”

Viegas also pledged support for Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s initiative: “The International Transport Forum, which brings together the ministers with responsibility for transport of 54 countries, is prepared to support the High-Level Advisory Group in whatever ways it can.”

The Advisory Group will be co-chaired by Olof Persson, President and CEO of Sweden's Volvo Group, a founding member of the ITF’s Corporate Partnership Board, and Carolina Tohá, the mayor of Santiago de Chile. The 12 members are drawn from different parts of the transport community including public transport, logistics, the automotive industry, maritime shipping, railways, energy and urban planning as well as city officials.
Photo: United Nations

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