Transport Infrastructure Development for a Wider Europe

ECMT-EC-UNECE-EIB Seminar, Paris, 27-28 November 2003


The aim of this Seminar, which was designed for high-level policy markers, was to provide guidelines for a common approach to planning and financing transport infrastructure at pan-European level. The overall objective was to identify what could become the major transport axes between the enlarged European Union and the neighbouring areas as well as Asia and the Mediterranean area. One of the aims of the Seminar was to focus on a new in-depth reflection on existing infrastructure planning tools stemming in particular from the trans-European transport networks and on their possible application outside of an enlarged European Union, including the main Euro-Asian transport links.


Final Report  Final Report   Rapport final


Session 1:  Planning Infrastructure Development


Session 2:  Financing the Infrastructure


Session 3: Round Table "Towards a New Policy"