Pan-European Co-operation towards a Strong Inland Waterway Transport

ECMT-UNECE-Rhine and Danube River Commissions Workshop, Paris, 22-23 September 2005


In September 2001 a Pan-European Conference on Inland Waterway Transport was organised in Rotterdam. Transport Ministers of participating countries attended this conference and acknowledged the necessity of common effort to reinforce Pan-European inland waterway transport. To achieve this goal, objectives and actions were established in the Declaration adopted at the Rotterdam Conference. The Declaration also envisaged to convene a new Conference in Romania in 2006. The aim of this workshop was to prepare the Bucharest Conference by assessing progress made since the Rotterdam Conference, identifying the remaining problems and envisaging further common actions required.

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Opening of the Workshop

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Session 1:   Inland Waterway Market Development

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Session 2:   Levelling the Playing Field

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Session 3:   Infrastructure Development and Environment

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