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Newsletter December 2011
2012 Summit Save the date for next year's Summit on Seamless Transport: Making Connections, 2-4 May 2012 in Leipzig, Germany. Programme details and more will be available from January. Information is already available on opportunities for international organisations and business.
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China joins the Forum
Minister Shenglin LIThe People's Republic of China is now a full member of the International Transport Forum. Vice-Minister Gao Hongfeng announced China’s intention to join the Forum at the Summit in May 2011; the accession process has now been completed. Acting Secretary General Michael Kloth welcomed the Forum’s 53rd member country: “China has a long tradition as a key nation in international transport. With its economic rise, it is today also at the forefront of the debate about the policies and best practices that will shape transport in the 21st century. China's accession to the Forum is an important development and we look forward to having the People's Republic of China participating as a member at the 2012 Summit in Leipzig in May."

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Interim leadership for the Forum Secretariat
Following the resignation of Carole Coune as Secretary General on 15 November, a new leadership structure is in place to ensure the running of the Secretariat and preparation for the 2012 Summit. The Transport Management Board has appointed Michael Kloth as Acting Secretary General until the election of a successor, expected during the 2012 Summit in May next year. Michael will be supported by the Senior Management Team: Mary Crass will continue to head Summit preparation, Head of Research Stephen Perkins, together with Chief Economist Kurt Van Dender, will lead research activity and its integration to Summit preparation. Nick Cole remains Head of the Management Support Unit. Michael will continue as Head of Communications, in addition to his new role. The Secretariat is fully functioning and the Senior Management Team is committed to ensuring the success of the International Transport Forum's 2012 Summit.
Creation of the Ibero-American Road Safety Observatory

IRTAD-LAC signingThe Forum, with the World Bank, the Ministries of Interior of Spain and Argentina, and the Ministry of Health of Mexico, has agreed the creation of an institutional network and a road safety observatory for Latin American countries, supported by a high-quality road safety database and a web-based knowledge centre.

Since 2008, the Forum has sought to expand the coverage of its International Road Traffic and Accident Database (IRTAD) on road safety and to assist low- and middle-income and transition countries in developing adequate data collection and analysis systems.

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International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD): new web portal launched

ITRD logoInternational Transport Research Documentation has had the ITRD database at its heart - a co-operative worldwide database of published information on transport and transport research.

ITRD is now part of the Transport Research International Documentation (TRID) database, accessible through the TRB website.

ITRD oversees non-US entries to the TRID database and is now managed by the Forum. A new web portal is available.

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Discussion PapersLatest Discussion Papers

The ‘Grand Paris’ Project: Tools and Challenges
André DE PALMA, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, France
Discussion Paper No 2011-28, October 2011 (version française)

The Evolution of London’s Crossrail Scheme and he Development of the Department for Transport’s Economic Appraisal Methods
Tom WORSLEY, Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Discussion Paper No 2011-27, October 2011

Accident Cost, Speed and Vehicle Mass Externalities, and Insurance
Lars HULTKRANTZ, Orebro University, Sweden & Gunnar LINDBERG, VTI and Centre for Transport Studies, Sweden
Discussion Paper No 2011-26, October 2011

Road Safety and Insurance Markets Overview
Andrew FRONSKO, Transport Accident Commission, Australia
Discussion Paper No 2011-25, October 2011

Road Safety - the Experience of the Transport Accident Commission in Victoria, Australia
Samantha COCKFIELD, Transport Accident Commission, Australia
Discussion Paper No 2011-24, October 2011

Pay-as-you-Drive Vehicle Insurance as a Tool to Reduce Crash Risk: Results so far and further potential
Jan Willem BOLDERDIJK & Linda STEG, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Discussion Paper No 2011-23, October 2011

A Framework for Assessing the Marginal External Accident Cost of Road Use and its Implications for Insurance Ratemaking
Lasse FRIDSTRØM, Institute of Transport Economics (TØI), Norway
Discussion Paper No 2011-22, October 2011

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Port-Hinterland and Integration for Co-modal and Sustainable Supply Chain

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