ITF at the Copenhagen Climate Summit
ITF at COP15  
Major Transport Emission Reductions
What is Possible?  At What Cost?
15 December 2009
10h45 - 12h15
(Neils Bohr room at the Bella Conference Centre)


ITF Event at the Copenhagen Climate Summit

This event focused on exploring what GHG reduction opportunities are possible for different transport sectors, and it also provided insight into the costs and benefits of such measures. After keynote speech by Mrs. Bianca Jagger, a distinguished panel of senior experts from the automobile industry, the maritime and aviation sectors and the research community gave their views on this subject and engaged in a lively discussion with the audience.

The session build on the key messages that have been released as the preliminary output of the OECD-ITF Joint Transport Research Group's Working Group on Transport GHG reduction strategies.



Opening welcome by Jack Short, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum.

Keynote Address by Bianca Jagger, Founder and Chair of Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundations, Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador.

Context-setting presentations by:

  • Lew Fulton, Senior Transport and Energy Specialist, International Energy Agency
  • Philippe Crist, Administrator, International Transport Forum

Panel discussions with:

  • Ziad Dagher, VP Transport and Environment, Division of Public Affairs, Renault
  • Jane Hupe, Chief, Environmental Programs, International Civil Aviation Organization
  • Miguel Palomares, Director, Marine Environment Division, International Maritime Organization
  • Dan Sperling, Professor and Director of the Institute for Transportation Studies at University of California at Davis

Video of the event is available on-demand from the UNFCCC website.  Link to be posted here as soon as available.

Additional Information

  • Reducing Transport GHG Emissions, First Phase Report