Cycling Safety
Joint OECD ITF/KOTI Seminar
7 April 2011, Seoul, Korea
This seminar addressed the issue of cycling safety in major OECD countries. Bicycling is now rapidly gaining popularity in many countries as an alternative low carbon transport means for short distance urban trips. However, a major impediment to large-scale bicycle use is the serious concern over bicycle safety in an urban context. The aim of this seminar was to provide an opportunity for intensive exchange of international experience on risk analysis and the design of cost effective safety interventions. It was also intended to provide guidelines for improving cycling safety based on review of the best data and analysis available and case studies of policies in member countries.
The output of this seminar will be channelled into the next 2011 Leipzig Forum whose main theme is 'Transport for Society' as an input.
Opening Session
Session 1: Trends and Statistics for Cycling Safety in OECD Countries
Session 2: Policies and Administrative Frameworks for Cycling Safety
Session 3: Effectiveness Analysis of Policy Measures