Travel Time Reliability - World View and SHRP2
International Meeting
Jointly organised by the International Transport Forum's Research Centre and the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) of the Transportation Research Board
23 January 2011, Washington, D.C. USA
A review of policies in OECD/ITF countries shows, that despite its importance, only few countries explicitly incorporate reliability into transport policy making. Reliability is rarely factored into cost-benefit analysis, the core planning tool for surface transport networks. Still, if a project argues for reliability benefits but has not been able to separate impacts of the investment on average travel time and variability in travel time, then the policy is actually without basis. The meeting was designed to bring together researchers and decision makers to examine recent research results both internationally and in the SHRP 2 reliability focus area.
Final Programme
Plenary Session
Session 1. Valuing Travel Time Reliability – Progress and Issues since Vancouver
Session 2. SHRP 2 Research on Travel Time Reliability
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