Workshop, Paris, 22-23 November 2007


The Workshop on Ecodriving provided a valuable opportunity to review current experience around the world in implementing and promoting ecodriving. The Workshop brought together around 100 ecodriving experts, policy makers, researchers and stakeholders to discuss recent developments in the field. It reviewed some of the successful practices in integrating ecodriving into national policies. This two day meeting explored, in addition to national strategies, policies to promote ecodriving in different modes, communication campaigns and partnership programs as well as issues of measuring, monitoring and evaluating of ecodriving initiatives. The workshop was organized by the International Transport Forum, the International Energy Agency, the Dutch Ministry of Transport and the Ecodriven platform.


Conclusions and Messages for Policy Makers


Session 1: Building a Successful Approach to Ecodriving

  • Driving Style of the Future
    Jochen LAU, German Road Safety Council and René SCHAARSCHMIDT, Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, Germany


Session 2: Policies and Strategies to Promote Ecodriving in Different Modes


Session 3: Communications and Partnership Programmes


Session 4: Measuring, Monitoring and Evaluating Ecodriving Initiatives