2008 The Challenge
A year, a challenge Structure for debate at Forum 2008
The highlight of the Forum’s activities will be its annual Meeting. Starting with the inaugural Forum to be held on 28-30 May 2008, the annual meetings will be held in Leipzig, Germany, and will treat a single topic of world-wide strategic importance.
The theme for the 2008 Forum in Leipzig is "Transport and Energy: the Challenge of Climate Change". The theme is a crucial one for the sector, as it needs to facilitate trade and growth, while at the same time reducing its dependence on oil and limiting its emissions. The Forum will allow these key issues here to be debated and discussed with all key actors on a global scale.
With keynote presentations by high-profile experts from industry and the political sphere, and through panel debates and discussions, participants will examine four key areas where energy, transport and climate change come together in policy.
Access to Energy for Transport  
Energy Efficient Technology & Alternative Fuels 
Integrated Transport Planning & Operations 
Policy Levers & Instruments