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About CPB

Businesses are at the cutting edge of developments in a rapidly changing sector. Their foresight when it comes to future policy challenges and insights into the practical implications of policy change are extremely valuable inputs to high-level decision-makers.

In March 2013, the International Transport Forum’s 54 member countries mandated the creation of a formal mechanism for engaging with the private sector. The Corporate Partnership Board (CPB) was created as this platform for dialogue with business.

The ITF, and the ministries it represents, invite leading companies from across the transport spectrum to join the CPB. Designed to grow over a three-year period, Partners will form a global network of some 50 companies from across all transport modes and closely related areas like energy, finance, IT, who understand the challenges to transport and want to work with policy makers to find solutions.


The governing body of the International Transport Forum is the Council of Ministers of the member countries (CMT). The CMT and its representatives, the Transport Management Board (TMB) will be regularly informed of the agenda and work of the CPB.


The CPB shall be composed of companies (“Partners”) with a clear international perspective in their activities and which play an active role in the transport sector or associated domains. The composition of the CPB should be as broad as possible in terms of geography, transport mode and sector where applicable. It is envisaged that the Corporate Partnership Board shall comprise approximately 50 Partners. This number should be reached incrementally over a three-year period.


Participation in the CPB is by invitation only, to be made by the ITF Secretary-General. Membership is open to companies in ITF member and non-member countries. Partners pay an annual fee for the period of their membership.


See photos from CPB meeting on 28 May 2015 at ITF Summit, Leipzig, Germany.

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