ECMT Resolutions on Accessibility for People with Mobility Handicaps


Year / No Title
2001/3 Consolidated Resolution on Accessible Transport
Russian  ;  Polish
1997/4 Reciprocal Recognition of Parking Badges for Persons with Mobility Handicaps
1997/3 Comprehensive Resolution on Transport for People with Mobility Handicaps
1994/2 Access to Taxis for People with Reduced Mobility
1991/8 Information and Communication
1990/4 Access to Buses, Trains and Coaches for People with Mobility Handicaps
1989/68 Access for Pedestrians
1987/63 Transport for Disabled People
1985/54 Transport for Disabled People
1981/45 Transport for Handicapped Persons Obliged to Use Wheelchairs
1978/38 Transport for Handicapped Persons