Fostering Successful Implementation of Sustainable Urban Travel Policies

ECMT - U.S. DOT Workshop, Washington D.C., 5-7 November 2003


The workshop focused on how countries - in particular the United States with its federal system of government - are bridging the gap between the identification and implementation of effective sustainable urban travel options.

Programme  --  List of Participants


Session 1:   Welcome and Opening Remarks
Session 2:   From the National to Local Level: Implementing and Integrated Approach to Sustainable Urban Travel
Session 3:   Improving Institutional Coordination and Cooperation
Session 4:   Multimodal Transportation Planning
Session 5:   Public Engagement in Transportation Planning
Session 6A:   Comprehensive Pricing and Fiscal Structure
Session 6B:   Demand Management
Session 7:   The Role of Technology in Urban Travel and Sustainability
Session 8:   Monitoring Progress and Feedback
Session 9:   Conclusions