Roundtable | 23 September 2014
Improved Policy Making Tools Reviewed by Experts at ITF

International experts at an ITF Roundtable on transport investment assessment have recommended:
- that governments use an audit approach during a project's development and delivery, on a model similar to that currently used in the UK;
- that policy makers and the public can better understand the economic benefits and expected outputs of transport schemes by using case studies;
- that further, more scientific, approaches to understanding causality should be used to appreciate the impact that any transport scheme ultimately has.

The ITF Roundtable titled "Ex-post assessments of transport investments and policy interventions: Prerequisites and methodological challenges" was held in Paris, France from 15-16 September. Chaired by UK expert Tom Worsley, the Roundtable brought together international experts to review practices, examine data and review the range of tools which can be employed. This is the first Roundtable for which ITF offers video-on-demand recordings of presentations as a new service. Presentations;
- TPICS, TIGER and US Experience - A Focus on Case-based Ex-Ante Economic Impact Assessment (Stephen Fitzroy, Economic Development Research Group, USA);
- Permanent Observatories as Tools for Ex-Post Assessment: a French Case Study (Alain Bonnafous, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, France);
- The National Audit Office’s Value-for-Money Assessment of Transport Investments (Geraldine Barker, National Audit Office, UK);
- Causal Inference for Ex-Post Evaluation of Transport Interventions (Dan Graham, Imperial College of London, UK).

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