Event | 11 April 2014
ITF Out in Force for Top European Transport Event
  ITF Secretary-General José Viegas delivered an opening keynote speech on Innovation in Transport at the plenary session "From Research to Deployment: a Driver for Job Creation in Europe" at the 2014 Transport Research Arena (TRA), on 14 April in Paris. TRA is the major conference on transport in Europe, bridging the gap between research and the market to improve European transport competitiveness, with over 3 000 participants expected. Mr Viegas  also moderated a session on "Urban Innovation and Change: the Dynamic Nexus of Transport, Environment and Health", in the presence of Khatuna Gogaladze, Georgian Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, on 14 April.

Stephen Perkins, ITF Head of Research, spoke at the "Road Safety Economics: Highlights for Public Decision Making", on 14 April and also at the session on "International Co-operation in Transport Research" on 15 April. ITF Economist Jari Kauppila delivered a speech at the session on "Sharing Crash Modification Functions (CMF): an OECD Report Offers a World of Possibilities", also on 15 April.

ITF Head of Policy and Summit Preparation Mary Crass was moderator of the Gala Dinner of the Women's Issues in Transportation Conference on 14 April, attended by Jean Todt President of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and Michelle Yeoh, Global Ambassador for the Make Roads Safe campaign. Stephen Perkins was chair of the "Bridging the Gap Among Countries" session of the conference on 16 April.

A seminar on "The Impact of Distracted Driving and Fatigue on Road Safety" organised by ITF during TRA addressed the concerns for safety linked to use of mobile and on-board information in vehicles on 15 April.

More information on the Distracted Driving Seminar

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