Jack Short

Some questions......to Jack Short

Secretary General
International Transport Forum

QuestionWhy the International Transport Forum?
In May 2005, Ministers agreed in Moscow that the ECMT should be transformed into a publicly recognised international Ministerial forum, designed to increase the understanding of the importance of transport. In Dublin, in May 2006, they established the International Transport Forum.
The aim of the Forum is to foster a deeper understanding among policy makers and wider audiences of the role of transport as a key to economic growth and of transport’s impact on the environmental and social dimensions of sustainability.
QuestionWhy create a new visual identity?
The creation of the International Transport Forum is a strong political act. We’ve turned a European organisation serving political decision-makers and senior officials- into a more global one, which is open to all transport stakeholders and eager to stimulate discussion and make progress on economic, social and environmental issues relating to transport. So it seemed important to convey this new stance through a more modern, legible and attractive visual identity.
QuestionWhat’s the message you wanted to convey through the new logo?
We needed a logo expressing dynamism, movement, flow and interchange, in order to translate the important role that transport plays in everyday life. One cannot overstate the extent to which transport drives the economy forward -- helping people to move around every day, merchandise to be shifted, trade to develop... Transport represents a source of technological innovation and growth for a country. And in the face of challenges as massive as global warming, road safety, and urban congestion, the transport sector has very important responsibilities to assume... and solutions to provide!