Partnerships between IRTAD and Latin American Countries
 on Road Safety Data

Joint IRTAD/World Bank Global Road Safety Facility Workshop
Organised in the framework of the 1st Ibero-American Road Safety Forum
for Latin America and the Caribbean
Madrid, 24 February 2009

Draft Agenda



The International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (known as the IRTAD Group) is a permanent working group of the Joint Transport Research Centre of the OECD and the International Transport Forum focusing on all issues related to safety data collection and analysis. It oversees the IRTAD database, one of the most reliable and widely-used road safety databases. IRTAD is open to all countries and the objective of the Group is to progressively extend the coverage of the IRTAD database to more countries with good accident data reporting systems.

The World Bank Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) aims to generate and catalyze increased funding to support initiatives aimed at reducing deaths and injuries in low and middle-income countries.

In September 2008, the ITF/OECD Joint Transport Research Centre signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility to formalise co-operation between the Bank and the International Road Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD).

The agreement formalises arrangements for making experts in ITF countries available to work with low and middle-income countries to develop effective data collection and analysis systems. As a pilot programme, it is proposed to twin an existing IRTAD member institute with counter-part organisations in a developing country, with the objective of identifying country needs in terms of data reporting tools and methodologies and to provide advice on data system strengthening and data collection and analysis, as a starting point for further road safety policy development. At the end of the process, it is expected that the recipient country will become an active member of the IRTAD Group and provide data to the IRTAD database.


IRTAD and the World Bank GRSF are taking the opportunity offered by the Ibero-American Road Safety Forum in Madrid to organise a workshop for the attention and participation of Latin American countries. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To brief decision makers and road safety advisors on the activities of the World Bank GRSF in Latin America;
  • To inform them about the IRTAD/WB GRSF partnership to assist countries to set up and use appropriate data reporting systems;
  • To describe the co-operation model offered to Latin American countries;
  • To identify countries where pilot programmes could be implemented.

Expected Audience

Representatives from road safety organisations, transport ministries, road agencies, interior ministries involved with road safety in Latin American Countries, and others.

The Workshop is organised jointly by the Direccion General de Trafico, the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility and the Joint OECD/ITF Transport Research Centre.