Membership Conditions


IRTAD membership is open to public or private organisations from all countries.

Benefits of IRTAD Membership

Being a member of the IRTAD Group offers a great variety of benefits and opportunities. The IRTAD Group is composed of safety experts and statisticians from 27 countries (as of October 2008), representing research institutes, transport ministries, the industry, NGOs, etc. The IRTAD Group constitutes a very useful international centre for exchange on road safety developments worldwide. The IRTAD Group is gradually increasing its membership. It is also a forum for knowledge transfer. Countries can learn from each other on accident reporting system and analysis.

IRTAD Membership offers the opportunity for countries to publish their safety data in the IRTAD database (following data quality review). IRTAD Members have full access to the IRTAD database, which is a valuable tool for safety monitoring within a country and for international benchmarking. The IRTAD database includes around 500 variables and is easily accessed.

Members of the IRTAD Group are informed and involved in the road safety activities of the OECD and the International Transport Forum. The IRTAD Group is consulted on research activities conducted by the Joint Transport Research Centre, and members receive free copies of the JTRC safety reports.

Types of Members

There are 3 types of members in the IRTAD Group:

  • National co-ordinating institutes which provide national data (typically transport ministries, transport research organisations, road safety agencies)
  • Additional institutes, which participate in the IRTAD Group, without providing data (typically research organisations, universities, private companies...)
  • International organisations

Membership Process

Parties wishing to join IRTAD should contact the IRTAD Secretariat. Inclusion of a new member requires approval by the IRTAD Strategic Advisory Group.

IRTAD membership is formalised by the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding and the payment of an annual subscription.

The IRTAD Group, in co-operation with the World Bank's Global Road Safety Facility, has also engaged in a strategy to involve low- and middle-income countries, so that they can benefit from the experience of the most advanced countries.