Advisory Group on Globalisation and Trade


Outline of the Project

The study will examine the impact of transport costs on globalisation. It will relate transport costs to the volume of trade. It will also examine how the transport intensity of trade is changing and relate this to the spatial dispersion of value chains. The project will develop and apply a framework for quantifying trends and identifying the main forces driving changes in trade volumes and composition, and demand for different product groups. The study consists of three different parts: globalisation and transport costs, trends in globalisation, and future patterns of trade and transport.


Participating Countries

Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.


Working Method

The project will be carried out as an Advisory Group. A consultant has been mandated to draft the main report. The task of the Advisory Group is to oversee the preparation as well as to comment and review the report.


Time Schedule

The Advisory Group was launched in 2008. The final report is available.