International trade has grown rapidly over recent decades and transport volumes have expanded accordingly. Globalisation is an ongoing process in which economic interactions become increasingly geographically unrestricted. The easing of geographical constraints is the consequence of technological and institutional factors. Technological improvements, such as containerization, have profound effects on the organisation of production and consumption. Technological innovation that reduces transport costs increases the scope for the physical movement of goods and people. Institutional factors also matter as they impact the extent to which technological potential can be realised.

The Joint Transport Research Centre carried out research on globalisation through series of Round Tables, Advisory Groups and Working Groups that also contributed to the 2009 International Transport Forum on Transport for a Global Economy which was held on 26-29 May 2009 in Leipzig.


Transport for a Global Economy: Challenges & Opportunities in the Downturn
International Transport Forum, 26-29 May 2009, Leipzig, Germany
Advisory Group on Globalisation and Trade
Round Table on Airline Competition, Systems of Airports and Intermodal Connections
Round Table on Port Competition and Hinterland Connections
Surface Transport Networks: Improving Reliability and Levels of Service
Other Documents