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Accessing global transport knowledge

ITRD remains as an entity to coordinate the ITRD member input to the TRID database.

These webpages provide quick, practical information on how to become an ITRD Member.

ITRD (International Transport Research Documentation) forms a multilingual database which is part of the TRID database and delivers high quality information on global developments in transport and transport research. Your institution's research material can be made widely available by joining ITRD.

ITRD contains information on transport and transportation research, designed to meet the needs of engineers, consultants, documentation centres and researchers worldwide. Overlap and replication can be avoided and new ideas and technologies made accessible on a timely basis through the sharing of research and experience made possible by ITRD.

Geographical Coverage

The ITRD database reflects the transport research literature of more than 20 countries including most European countries, Australasia, Latin America, Canada, China and Japan. It also includes abstracts of transport literature published by other organisations/associations such as the OECD / ITF Transport Research Centre and, for example, the World Road Association (PIARC).

More than 3 000 references are added each year. A unique aspect of ITRD is its use of four official languages in the database; English, French, German and Spanish, and each record is available in one of these languages.

Subject Coverage

ITRD provides comprehensive coverage of a full range of transport related topics that include:

  • Accident studies
  • Construction of payments, bridges, and tunnels
  • Design of raods and related stuctures
  • Drainage of soils
  • Earthworks
  • Environment
  • Highway financing and administration
  • Materials and maintenance
  • Road safety, accidents
  • Soils and rock mechanics
  • Traffic and transport economics
  • Vehicles

All transportation modes are covered and the sources are the following:

  • Journals (>500 journals covered)
  • Series
  • Books
  • Conference contributions
  • Company publications
  • Dissertations, PhD theses
  • Patents
  • Reports
  • Standards and specifications
  • Non-conventional literature

File data

Together with the TRB data, more than 1 000 000 records are available in TRID. Each month, more than 1 000 new studies are entered in to the database.

ITRD Thesaurus

The ITRD Thesaurus is a specific high-value ITRD product. The ITRD quadrilingual thesaurus allows searching by the term code which is the same whatever the language of abstract. Accessing the ITRD Thesaurus.

Accessing the database

See for details of how the database can be easily searched online.


The Transport database includes ITRD (publications only) and is also available online and on CD-ROM.
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Transport CD-ROM

ITRD is one of the transport-related databases included on the OVID (SilverPlatter) CD-ROM (along with the US TRIS database to give access to the entire TRID database)

  • Updated quarterly
  • Discounts available for developing countries

For information about subscriptions contact OVID (see above)