About Transport Research Centre

The Joint Research Centre of the OECD and the International Transport Forum was established on 1 January 2004 by a Resolution of the OECD Council and a Declaration of Ministers of Transport. It brings together researchers from transport Ministries and Transport Research Agencies in 57 countries to undertake joint work on transport policy and economics.


The mandate of the Centre is to promote economic development and contribute to structural improvements in Member country economies, through co-operative transport research programmes addressing all modes of transport and intermodal linkages in a wider economic, social, environmental and institutional context.

Organisation and Management

The Joint Transport Research Committee oversees the work of the Centre. The Committee is currently chaired by Kevin WOMAK (United States) with vice chair, Gabriele GRIMM (Germany). The role of the Committee is to establish a programme of work that reflects the interests of all members and to monitor its execution. Political oversight is provided by the Transport Management Board of the International Transport Forum, which reports to Transport Ministers at the Annual Summit's Ministerial sessions.

The Centre is served by a Secretariat located at the OECD in Paris.


The Centre's activities are guided by the Programme of Work to 2016  [update on progress June 2015]