Achieving Ambitious and Realistic Road Safety Targets:
The Safe System Approach


High Level Seminar, Paris, 25-26 September 2008

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Opening of the Seminar: Eric Howard, Jack Short and Fred Wegman

Eric Howard and Jack Short

Eric Howard: "All countries should aspire to the long term elimination of death and serious injuries on their roads and adopt a safe system approach".

Fred Wegman: "We should 'fish where fish are' concentrating on high risks and crash types where deaths and injuries are increasing, but fish are everywhere so we must also move to a system approach".

Panel 2: Arve Kirkevold, Kate McMahon, Sanjivi Sundar, Jack Short, Jacques Nouvier, Claes Tingvall

Claes Tingvall: "Targets should drive road safety strategies".

Sanjivi Sundar "Improving data on accidents is urgent, deaths that occur after accidents are not recorded in India and the cause of accidents is routinely attributed either to brake failure or drunkenness".

John White, Divera Twisk and Rune Elvik

Claes Tingvall, Anders Lie, Matts-Ake Belin, Anders Eugensson, Bjorn Stafbom

Rose McMurray and Horst Schulze

Iain Cameron and Phil Allan

David Ward at the Make Roads Safe reception

Rune Elvik, Finn Harald Amundsen and Arve Kirkevold

Jack Short, Eric Howard and David Ward with the latest report from the Joint Transport Research Centre "Towards Zero: Ambitious Road Safety Targets and the Safe System Approach"

Panel debate: Mobilising Political Resources. Pere Navarro, Iain Cameron, Rose McMurray, Isabelle Kardacz and Michèle Merli

Michèle Merli "Fatalities and serious injuries are not inevitable: we must save lives, especially those of young people. All of society must be mobilised and in France, we have witnessed the importance of effective leadership at the very highest level".

Isabelle Kardacz announcing the holding of the 2nd European Road Safety Day, on 13 October 2008

Pere Navarro "We have made enormous progress in reducing crashes on the highways, our data reveals that the problem is worst now on suburban roads where we must focus our efforts".

Rose McMurray "Setting aggressive national goals has allowed for greater problem-solving and identification of innovative road safety programs aimed at saving lives and mitigating injuries".

Noel Brett, summing up the debate.

Victor Kirianov closing the Seminar

Victor Kirianov discussing the UN Ministerial in Moscow with Jack Short and Elena Shatberashvili

Jean-Pierre Medevielle, Josef Mikulik and Patrick Hasson

Fred Wegman, Jack Short, David Ward, Stephen Perkins and Bjorn Stafbom: signature during the seminar of a memorandum of understanding between the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility and the ITF/OECD Joint Transport Research Centre to formallise co-operation between the Bank and the International Road Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD) to improve the monitoring and evaluation of road safety policies around the world.

Seminar participants on the steps of the OECD Chateau