Country Reports on Road Safety Performance


This report was prepared by the OECD/ITF Working Group on Achieving Ambitious Road Safety Targets, based on a survey sent to all OECD/ITF countries to collect information on road safety trends, recent road safety measures implemented; key road safety issues, measures planned to address these issues and targets set and current results towards these targets. The responses to the survey are completed by other relevant data from other sources (e.g. IRTAD, ECMT Statistics, and recent JTRC reports).

It should be noted that the survey focused on specific sectoral elements; it did not however address governance issues and high level policy issues, which will be analysed in the main report of the Working Group.

Responses were received from 38 out of the 50 OECD/ITF countries. In addition, the states of Victoria and Western Australia also provided responses to the questionnaire.

Content of the Report

This report contains first a summary of road safety performance in OECD/ITF countries, including an overview of road safety targets in these countries and a synthesis of the main road safety problems identified by member countries.

The detailed responses from the 40 jurisdictions are set out later in this report.

Full Report   [revised 27-Sep-2006]  --  Summary   [revised 27-Sep-2006]


Individual Country Reports

The date of revision appears in brackets

Australia (2008) Germany (2008) Lithuania Slovakia (2008)
Austria (2008) Greece (2008) Malta Slovenia
Belgium (2008) Hungary Mexico (2008) Spain (2008)
Bulgaria Iceland Moldova Sweden (2008)
Canada (2008) Ireland Netherlands (2008) Switzerland (2008)
Czech Republic (2008) Israel (2008) New Zealand (2008) Turkey
Denmark (2008) Italy Norway (2008) Ukraine
Finland Japan Poland (2008) United Kingdom (2008)
France (2008) Korea Portugal United States
Georgia Latvia Romania