New Energy Indicators for Transport: The Way Forward
IEA / ITF Workshop, Paris, 28-29 January 2008
The purpose of this joint IEA/ITF Workshop was to bring together statisticians, analysts and policy-makers to share information about different approaches to transport data collection and indicators development and use. It will also help guide the IEA's future energy indicators work as it relates to transport and support the International Transport Forum's work on the connection between transport and energy markets.
Workshop Summary
Session 1: Why do we need Indicators and Supporting Data
Session 2: Data and Indicators for Passenger Travel Demand
Session 3: Data and Indicators for Light Duty Vehicles: Sales/Stocks
Session 4: Data and Indicators for Light Duty Vehicles: Fuel Efficiency
Session 5: Data and Indicators for Road Freight Transport
Session 6: Beyond Road Transport
Session 7: Fuel Prices