Road Taxation Database

International comparisons of taxes and charges on road haulage require a framework that can relate all the various taxes and charges levied on transport activities to marginal costs, if they are to provide satisfactory answers to the following types of question.

-- Do hauliers in one country pay more than in the other, and what impact does this have on the profitability of haulage in each country?
-- Is the impact of an increase in tax on diesel the same in each country or are differences
in the taxation of labour more significant?
-- Do these differences distort the international haulage market?

The 2003 ECMT Report 'Reforming Transport Taxes' developed a methodology for making such comparisons.

ITF database on Heavy Goods Vehicles updated to 2012

The database presents information on vehicle taxes, fuel excise duties and user charges and takes also into account any possible refunds, rebates and exemptions. These data allow for comparison of road freight transport fiscal regimes in different countries in quantitative terms. They have also been used as core information in various international studies. In order to allow for comparisons of road freight taxation regimes in different countries, net taxation levels are calculated for a standard domestic haul. These results are then assessed per vehicle-km and per tonne-kilometre.


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