The International Transport Forum (ITF) provides an annual platform for Transport Ministers from around the world to meet with researchers and leaders of civil society to examine strategic policy issues facing the sector.

In 2010, the International Transport Forum offered the Young Researcher Award and, in partnership with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), an Award for Outstanding Innovation in Public Transport.

At an official awards ceremony during the 2010 Forum, attended by Transport Ministers of Forum member countries, the following award recipients were announced.

Young Researcher of the Year Award 2010 2010 Awards Ceremony
Hossam Abdelgaward, Young researcher of the year 2010 Awards Ceremony


The Young Researcher Award

The 2010 winner of the Young Researcher of the Year Award is: Hossam Abdelgawad.

Mr. Abdelgawad, a PhD candidate from the University of Toronto, Canada won this award for his study, which offers a novel approach to the mass evacuation of major cities in case of a catastrophe.

How to evacuate a big city: ITF Young Researcher of the Year Award 2010 goes to young Egyptian Innovator.
Press Release. 27 May 2010  
Press Release.Young Researcher Winner 27 May April 2010   Wie man grosse Städte evakuiert. Pressemitteilung, 27 May 2010

Read the award-winning paper of Hossam ABDELGAWAD: "Managing Large-Scale Multimodal Emergency Evacuations".  

The International Transport Forum's Young Researcher of the Year Awards is designed to encourage and reward creative reflection and analysis on the part of young researchers (under 35 years of age) currently investigating the major contibution of innovations to increase the efficiency, safety, security or sustainability of transport activities.

Annually, the award is open to young researchers who have undertaken their research in an institution, university or consultancy firm located in a Forum member country, conducting research on transport issues and their political context. Specifically, the research paper should focus on specific innovations in transport which may help the transport sector in meeting its key challenges. The winner is announced at the annual Forum held in Leipzig and includes a EUR 5000 prize.


ITF-UITP Award for Outstanding Innovation in Public Transport

Overall Winner

The 2010 winner of the Award for Outstanding Innovation in Public Transport is Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid of Spain for their Madrid Transport Interchanges Plan.

The Madrid Transport Interchanges Plan brings together the interchange points of the intercity bus lines and the circular metro underground link. A modal interchange network has been organised around Madrid's highway entrances to access the city via the metro underground network of metropolitan and urban bus lines.

The award was accepted by Mr. Javier Aldecoa, Director of Intermodality and Mr. Jesus RODRIGUES, Technical Director, Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid.

Read about the Overall Winner: Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid, Spain

View the presentation by Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid delivered at the Innovator's Corner.


Joint Runners-Up

The joint runners-up for the award were Ahmedabad Jarmarg, India; and Arriva Southern Counties and Kent County Council, UK.

Ahmedabad Janmarg developed and now manage their local Bus Rapid Transport System, which operates as a closed system with networks that connect busy places and avoid busy roads. It uses an integrated transit management system to support signal management, asset location and passenger information systems. Mr. I. P. Gautam, Municipal Commissioner, and the Honourable Kanaji Thakor, Mayor of Ahmedabad City accepted the award.

Arriva Southern Countries and Kent County Council, UK were awarded for their Fastrack Bus Rapid Transit System. Fastrack brings together private and public actors to provide a Bus Rapid Transit System that is customer centred and has efficient rolling stock and, as well as playing a role in sustainable regeneration initiatives to alleviate housing shortages in south east England. Mr. David Martin, CEO Arriva, and Mr. David George, Fastrack Project Manager, Kent Country Council accepted the award.

Read about:   Ahmedabad Janmarg   --   Arriva Southern Countries and Kent County Council-Fastrack

View the presentations by the Award winners delivered at the Innovator's Corner.


Further Acknowledgements

The Award for Outstanding Innovation in Public Transport was highly contested with many strong applications from across the globe. In recognition of these applicants, the expert jury recognised three organisations by Special Mention.

Special Mentions

Special mention for Innovation on the Horizon: Awarded to Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe for the easy.GO mobile travel information and ticketing service. Mr. Wilhelm Georg Hanss accepted the certificate.

Special mention for Transport Operation-Wide Application in Innovation: Awarded to Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, India. This organisation is implementing innovations across management, leadership, technology, and employee services. This certificate was accepted by Shri B.K. Chaturvedi, Member, Planning Commission, India.

Special mention for Strategic Vision of Innovation in Public Transport: Awarded to the Swedish Public Transport Association, Sweden, due to their initiative to double market share by 2020. Ms. Linda Larsson accepted the certificate.

Winners of the Award
Press Release, 27 May 2010
   Sieger des ITF/UITP-PREISES für herausragende Innovationen im ÖPNV stehen fest


Letters of Commendation

Letters of Commendation have been sent to the following applicants in recognition of achievements against one or two of award criteria.

For Best Practice in Customer Service and Management

  • TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries, Australia
  • Translink, Canada
  • Opportunity Link, Inc, USA

For Transport Technology Innovation

  • IRIS Bus Iveco / RATP, France
  • East Japan Railway Company, Japan
  • Transport for London, UK

The 2010 International Transport Forum theme: Transport and Innovation presented an opportunity to acknowledge public transport related innovations in operations and policy. The Forum, in partnership with the UITP, offered an award for "Outstanding Innovation in Public Transport".

The objective of the 2010 award was to acknowledge innovative public transport projects or initiative(s) that specifically addressed quality of service; sustainability of the public transport system; intermodal interfaces between public transport and other modes to achieve a seamless journey, and collaboration and leadership for innovation within the public transport sector.

The award was designed to highlight innovative approaches for reliable, high-quality, environmentally friendly and integrated intermodal applications of public transport, now and in long-term planning.

The award was open to Forum member countries:

  • Public transport operators (privately and publicly owned enterprises)
  • Local or regional authority responsible for public transport
  • Multi-regional authority consortium, where local and/or regional authorities agree to progress an integrated, cross-border/cross-jurisdiction approach
  • Collaborations and/or partnerships between public transport supply chain and either public transport operator(s)/authority(ies)