Creating Liveable and Sustainable Societies
Thursday 26 May, 14.45: Hall 2
Session Outline
Sustainability is the well-understood, if elusive goal, of achieving the right balance between social, environmental and economic objectives. Liveability is a broader concept, embracing factors that directly impact on individuals’ lives, such as access to good jobs, affordable housing, quality schools and safe streets. In both instances, transport is fundamental. Current transport use often runs contrary to these goals. For example, GHG emissions from transport are growing, transport infrastructure is often inadequate, many people have poor access to the system, and road traffic crashes are killing and injuring great numbers of people across the globe. A transport system that better serves people will require different thinking, including innovative technologies, but also new ways of delivering and organising services.
  • How must transport change to improve sustainability and liveability?

  • What innovations in policy, technology and service provision are needed to encourage cleaner, more reliable transport services?

  • What new partnerships and collaboration are required among key actors, including governments, business, communities and users?

  • Nik Gowing, International Journalist

  • B.K. Chaturvedi, Member of the Planning Commission, India
  • Robin Chase, CEO, Buzzcar, France
  • Jan Kubiš, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  • Henry Li, Senior Director, BYD Company, China
  • Peter Voser, CEO, Royal Dutch Shell
  • Matthias Wissmann, President, Federation of the German Automotive Industry

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