Equitable Access - No Passenger Left Behind
Wednesday 25 May, 13.45: Hall 3
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Personal mobility and access to goods, services and employment are key determinants of better quality of life. Poor access to transport and reduced mobility are often linked to economic disadvantage, inequality and social exclusion. Segments of society that are particularly vulnerable to inequitable access to transport include older and disabled people, economically disadvantaged individuals, women, young adults, and those who live in remote and rural communities. This session will explore transport’s role in reducing inequity and promoting higher standards of living. Panel experts will focus on:
  • Is progress being made in improving equity of access to transport? What improvements can be observed? Where has progress been slower and why?

  • How can better access to transport for the widest cross-section of society best be funded and delivered? How can government at all levels and the private sector better work together to balance access to transport with cost efficiency considerations?

  • What are examples of innovative approaches to enhancing access to transport services, equipment and infrastructure?

  • How can the societal benefits of investment in transport infrastructure and services be better measured? How can current appraisal methods better capture the benefits of improved transport accessibility?

  • How can the different spatial access challenges of rural communities or developing and emerging economies be addressed?

  • Ann Frye, Director, Ann Frye Ltd, UK

  • Robert Cervero, Director, University of California Transportation Center, USA
  • Chantal Duchène, Director, ChD Mobilité Transport, France
  • Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and CEO, Policylink, USA
  • David Lewis, Senior Vice President, HDR Corporation, Canada
  • Geetam Tiwari, Professor and Chair, Indian Institute of Technology, India

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