Innovators' Platform
Thursday 26 May, 16.45: Hall 2
Session Outline
What will the transport system of the future look like? This session will allow innovators to present new ideas that could fundamentally transform transport.

  • Anthony MAY, President, World Conference on Transport Research Society

  • Reinventing the Automobile, Lawrence BURNS, Professor, University of Michigan, USA

  • Solutions for Electrifying Public Transport, Henry LI, Senior Director, BYD Company, China

  • More People Cycling More Often: The Take-off to More Sustainable Transport for Society, Manfred NEUN, President, European Cyclists’ Federation

  • Superbus, a New Concept of Public Transport, Wubbo OCKELS, Professor, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. A prototype of Superbus will be available for viewing following the presentation.

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