Keeping it Clean - Transport, Health and the Environment
Wednesday 25 May, 15.45: Hall 3
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Are societal expectations for transport services, environmental quality and health incompatible? Much has been done to reduce pollutant emissions from new vehicles, but air pollution levels in cities have not reduced as much as expected. We generally have access to more jobs and opportunities through modern transport systems, but we rely less on walking and cycling, which could contribute to rising health problems. Society demands greater environmental quality, but our mobility decisions often run counter to this. Dense urban areas have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote active mobility, but many choose not to live there and our transport systems allow sprawl. This session will discuss these and other paradoxes and challenges that are posed by our mobility patterns. What is getting better, what is getting worse and is policy action required to change behaviours?
  • Are more speed, services and comfort in transport incompatible with a healthy and clean environment? If so, what are the trade-offs? If not, where are the synergies?

  • Is transport making us more or less healthy? If the latter, what needs to change?

  • Do measures to reduce environmental and health impacts from transport benefit all? Are there unintended social impacts and how might they be addressed?

  • What can the next generation expect from the city of tomorrow? What actions are required today to offer healthy and clean urban transport in future?

  • Eva Molnar, Head of the Transport Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

  • Lawrence Burns, Professor, University of Michigan, USA
  • Yasuo Hozaki, Executive Officer, West Nippon Expressway Company, Japan
  • Kee Yeon Hwang, President, Korea Transport Institute, Korea
  • Haixiao Pan, Professor, Tongji University, China
  • Helle Søholt, Founding Partner and Managing Director, Gehl Architects, Denmark
  • Jean-Francois Toussaint, Director, Institute for Biomedical Research and Sports Epidemiology, France

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