Making Transport Safer
Thursday 26 May, 14.45: Hall 3
Session Outline
Safety is an essential underpinning of the transport sector. But accidents in transport continue to take too great a human toll, particularly in the roads sector and in the developing world. In recognition of this, May 2011 sees the launch of the UN Decade of Action on Road Safety. Air, maritime and rail crashes are less numerous, but can have a great human, environmental and economic impact when they occur, and safety levels differ around the world. The “safe system approach” is much better established in these modes, meaning a long term vision of no fatalities and no seriously injured, a shared responsibility to make the system safe, and the adoption of measures to avoid unnecessary exposure of the human body to possible fatal impacts.

Key challenges for transport safety include maintaining the high levels of safety in the rail, air and maritime modes and ensuring that similar levels are found throughout the world. Where roads are concerned, there is much to do, and in a period of shrinking public budgets, a major issue is to raise the funds necessary to improve infrastructure, educate people, equip the system with safety technologies, implement enforcement, and monitor progress. Risk prevention and management and the concept of shared responsibilities that exists in other modes of transport can certainly inspire the road sector as well.
  • Where will the next great gains in safety performance come from?

  • Where are scarce resources best spent to reduce risk?

  • Can lessons be learned and shared among modes?

  • How can experiences from the best performing countries assist others?

  • Melinda Crane, International Journalist

  • Catharina Elmsäter Svärd, Minister for Infrastructure, Sweden
  • Karim Ghellab, Minister of Equipement and Transport, Morocco
  • Catherine King, Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport, Australia
  • Igor Levitin, Minister of Transport, Russian Federation
  • Thierry Mariani, Secretary of State for Transport, France
  • José Luis Irigoyen, Director of Transport, The World Bank
  • Etienne Krug, Director of the Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability, World Health Organisation

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