Meeting People's Needs in Policy and Planning
Part 1: Moving Passengers
Thursday 26 May, 10.00: Hall 1
Part 2: Moving Freight
Thursday 26 May, 11.00: Hall 1
Transport should serve travellers, shippers and consumers with minimum disruption and damage to communities, the environment and health. Yet experience has shown that often the needs of individuals are either not fully understood or simply ignored in transport service and infrastructure planning and provision. The result can be a disconnect between initiatives taken to improve the transport system and actual user satisfaction with those efforts.
  • How can the net benefits of transport for individual users be increased - what are the respective roles of companies, governments and individuals, as well as the costs and trade-offs?

  • How can decision-makers better incorporate the individual user and beneficiary into the planning and provision of transport? Are new governance structures needed?

  • Michael Portillo, International Journalist

Panellists - Part 1: Moving Passengers
  • Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Transport, UK
  • GAO Hongfeng, Vice Minister of Transport, China
  • Alain Flausch, Chief Executive Officer, STIB, Belgium and President, International Association of Public Transport (UITP)
  • Rainer Ohler, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, Airbus
  • Teófilo Serrano Beltrán, President, RENFE, Spain
  • Helle Sóholt, Founding Partner and Managing Director, Gehl Architects, Denmark

Panellists - Part 2: Moving Freight
  • Boris Koleskinov, Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Ukraine
  • John Porcari, Deputy Secretary, Department of Transportation, USA
  • Etienne Schouppe, Secretary of State for Mobility, Belgium
  • Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister, Transport, Building and Urban Development, Germany
  • Jean-Claude Delen, President, International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA)
  • Michael Parker, Board Member, International Chamber of Shipping

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