Meeting Tomorrow's Needs - Transport and Employment
Wednesday 25 May, 13.45: Hall 2
Session Outline
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Transport’s large and diverse workforce is evolving as society changes but in different ways and at different speeds across countries. But is employment in the transport sector keeping pace with changes in demand, in technology and in society? Up to one in ten workers within developed countries works in the transport sector with most of those jobs being held by men (80%, compared to 60% for all jobs). Some sub-sectors, such as road freight, are highly fragmented, with thousands of small-scale operators and a few very large operators. Others, such as national rail services, tend to be dominated by single large employers. Some key areas of employment within the sector did not exist just a few years ago, such as mobility managers, whereas other categories of jobs risk losing relevance. This session will address the key employment challenges facing the sector with respect to societal trends, technology development, new service provision and training.
  • How is the nature of work evolving in the sector, is it evolving differently than in other sectors?

  • Is the sector getting the workers it needs? Is training keeping up and is management sufficiently reactive to foresee necessary changes?

  • In what way will the workforce be impacted by demographic trends such as the ageing of the workforce.

  • What about the emergence of new technologies, new mobility services, integrated logistics services – how well are we reacting to these trends in the workplace?

  • Are governments adapting work rules adequately to meet these challenges? Should they?

  • George Dragnich, Executive Director, Social Dialogue, International Labour Organization

  • Martin Meyer, Deputy Prime Minister, Liechtenstein
  • David Cockroft, General Secretary, International Transport Workers’ Federation
  • Sylviane Delmas, Inspector General, RATP Paris, France
  • Thomas Ehm, Vice President, Employment, Training and Competence Management, Airbus
  • Oksana Exell, Executive Director, Asia-Pacific Gateway Skills Table, Canada
  • William Millar, President, American Public Transportation Association

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