More with Less - Shrinking Budgets and Growing Demand
Wednesday 25 May, 11.15: Hall 3
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The demand for high-quality transport services is growing fast, and meeting it requires major expenditures for investment in, and maintenance of hard and soft infrastructure. But the scarcity of public funds, amplified by the increase in public debt in many advanced economies, brings into question traditional funding structures. Panellists will discuss to what extent new funding mechanisms are a solution, and whether funding requirements need to be revised downward.
  • Is there a chronic funding problem in transport, and if so what causes it?

  • Has the economic crisis sharpened an existing funding problem in transport, or has it changed its nature?

  • Increased private involvement is often presented as the solution to scarcity of public funds. But what needs to be done to employ private capital effectively?

  • Is the funding crisis an opportunity to move to more efficient usercharging mechanisms, or are hopes too high here? Is a major overhaul of charging structures a necessity?

  • Do transport prices need to increase? Is the perceived demand for transport in fact inflated by the absence of appropriate charging structures?

  • Can common sources of waste in the sector still be identified? Is private ownership and management concomitant with greater efficiency?

  • If the challenge really is to cut back expectations and do less with less, what types of spending should be prioritised? How should prioritisation take place?

  • Lord Macdonald of Tradeston, Special Advisor, Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets

  • Roberto Aguerrebere, Instituto Mexicano de Transporte, Mexico
  • Joris Al, Director, Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands
  • Paolo Costa, President, Venice Port Authority, Italy
  • Gabriel Gutierrez, Project Director, Cintra Infraestructuras, Spain
  • Urban Karlström, Chairman, Swedish Forum for Innovation & Strategies in the Transport Sector
  • Helene Mizrahi-Walden, Head of Transportation, BNP Paribas, UK
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