Opening Plenary: Putting People First
Wednesday 25 May, 09.00: Hall 1
Session Outline
Quality of life is a multi-faceted concept, embracing prosperity, opportunity, the environment, health, safety and security. Transport has an important role in all these areas.

The availability and prices of transport systems determine access to work, social, medical, educational and recreational opportunities. Transport costs also affect what goods are available, where and at what price, including such basic daily needs as food and clothing. Millions of people work in transport, and millions more rely on transport to move the goods and provide the services on which their jobs depend. The by-products of transport - including air and noise pollution, greenhouse gases and encroachment on natural land - affect human health as well as the environment in which we live.

But neither the benefits nor the costs of transport are evenly distributed across societies. The net benefits of transport could be increased , and better distributed within and across societies and regions. Finding means to achieve this is the objective for the 2011 International Transport Forum.

This session will set the stage for the summit by examining the key challenges facing transport
  • What are the prevailing economic and societal trends that mark our times and what do they mean for transport and mobility?

  • How must the transport sector respond to these trends in order to better meet society's needs?

  • Can improved transport services and travel options positively shape society's future?

  • Melinda Crane, International Journalist

Opening Remarks
  • Jack Short, Secretary General, International Transport Forum
  • Jan Mücke, Federal Parliamentary State Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Germany

  • Jeremy Rifkin, President, The Foundation on Economic Trends, USA
  • Enrique Peñalosa, Director, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy

  • John Porcari, Deputy Secretary, Department of Transportation, USA
  • Tim Leunig, Professor, London School of Economics, UK
  • Robin Chase, CEO, Buzzcar, France

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