Security - Protecting and Respecting Transport Users
Wednesday 25 May, 15.45: Hall 2
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Security is a paramount importance. But attempts to tighten security often make travelling more arduous and increase the cost of freight transport. Also, the benefits of security investment are difficult to demonstrate in terms of concrete results.

Personal security affects people’s transport choices. Many parts of the transport system present potential opportunities for terrorists to inflict high costs on society at very low financial cost to themselves, either directly through damage and loss of life or indirectly through expenditure on increased security. And the benefits of security investment are difficult to demonstrate in terms of concrete results.

In this context the session will examine whether current approaches to security represent effective use of scarce resources and if they address the most vulnerable parts of the transport system in the face of ever-changing terrorist targets. Panellists will focus on the following issues:

  • Are we achieving the best possible improvements in security for the:
    • resources available?
    • time spent in security checks?
    • costs borne by transport and logistics businesses?

  • Are governments overlooking potential targets for terrorist attack that need to be better protected?

  • How can the role of intelligence be enhanced to better focus security measures that directly engage passengers, and thus reduce individual interventions?

  • How can improved security be balanced with concerns over privacy and discrimination?

  • What opportunities does new technology offer?

  • Zoltan Kazatsay, Deputy Director General, DG-MOVE, European Commission

  • Nico Beilharz, Deputy Head, Aviation Security, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Germany
  • Geoff Dunmore, Network Security Manager, London Underground, UK
  • John Hanlon, Secretary General, European Low Fares Airline Association
  • Marta Lestau Saenz, Director, Safety and Security State Agency, Spain
  • Martin Matthews, Chief Executive, Ministry of Transport, New Zealand
  • Jean-Marc Suchier, Senior Vice President, SAFRAN Morpho, France

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