Technical Tours
The International Transport Forum 2011 offers technical tours to delegates providing a unique experience to see how transport policies translate into operational activities. It also provides a platform for networking between researchers, policy-makers and industry.

To participate in one or more of the Technical Tours, please register for the International Transport Forum 2011 at and indicate the tours you would like to take part in.

Q. Cells Solar Cell Manufacturing Plant Q. Cells Solar Cell Manufacturing Plant

The technical tour to Q. Cells allows summit participants to understand the precision, detail and processes needed to manufacture solar cells and modules, which Q. Cells believe will contribute to the energy solution through providing photovoltaics as en efficient, sustainable, and environmentally sound technology. Could this technology be applied to vehicles?

Since Q. Cells SE was established in 1999, it has grown into one of the world's leading phtovoltaics companies. Its extensive product portfolio ranges from solar cells, crystalline and thin film solar modules to turnkey photovoltaic systems.
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25 May 2011: 17h15;   27 May 2011:  12h00

DHL Logistics Distribution Centre, Leipzig/Halle DHL Logistics Distribution Centre, Leipzig/Halle

The DHL Logistics Distribution Centre in Leipzig is an excellent example of logistics in action, in facilities that consider environmental and sustainability aspects. Summit participants will experience the operation of this state-of-the-art airfreight hub.

On average, 60 airplanes take off and land each night. Up to 1,500 tonnes of parcels and documents are delivered, re-sorted and transshipped within a few hours' time to every corner of the globe. We offer you a chance to be part of these exciting rush-hour conditions during our technical visit.
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25 May 2011: 22h00;   26 May 2011:  22h00

BMW Leipzig BMW Leipzig

The Leipzig BMW factory, built in 2000, turns out up to 750 vehicles every day. After manufacturing began in March 2005, by June 2010 a total of some 700,000 cars had come off the assembly line, meeting internal targets. The plant is the only one in the world to build the three-door 1 series, the 1 Series Coupe and the 1 Series Cabriolet convertible.

Every BMW built in Leipzig passes through the pressing plant, body shop, paint shop and assembly. The paint shop, where only environmentally friendly water-based colours and powder clear paint technology are used, is one of the greenest in the world.

The BMW plant in Leipzig also has a centre of excellence for electric cars, and is setting benchmarks with the production of BMW ActiveE.
BMW Logo
26 May 2011: 16h45;   27 May 2011:  12h00

Porsche Plant Porsche Plant

Since December 2002 the Cayenne has been built at the Leipzig Plant. In August 2003 production began on a limited number of 1270 Porsche Carrera GTs. By May 2006 three of these super sports cars were being hand assembled each day. From 2009 a fourth series, the four-door, four-seater, sports coupé Panamera, has been built at the Leipzig plant.

Porsche has invested EUR 280 million in its Leipzig plant thus far, and will expand the factory in 2011 to enable production of its new Cajun SUV. The Leipzig assembly plant incorporates the latest advances in car manufacturing as it aims to meet customer needs and expectations. Modern, modular manufacturing allows flexible, demand-orientated vehicle production process can be dynamically adapted at any time to meet current requirements. Moreover, modular production improves quality as well as reducing costs.
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26 May 2011: 16h45;   27 May 2011:  12h00