Transport for Growth: Developing Connectivity

How can seamless transport drive economic growth?

Thursday 3 May, 09:25-11:00
Draft Session Outline
Macroeconomic conditions have greatly deteriorated since 2008 and prospects for growth with them. Many policy-makers face the dilemma of having to reduce debt while also needing to invest in their country’s long-term growth potential. Transport facilitates economic growth, and the more so when it is seamless and highly efficient. But how can the sector’s potential to drive sustainable economic recovery be best harnessed?

  • How much should fiscally constrained economies spend on public infrastructure and what kinds of transport investments are most needed for growth?
  • How are transport policies best brought in tune with green growth opportunities?

  • Strategic decisions on the development of transport networks are rarely left to the market – but do public decisions align well with public objectives?

  • Technology and cost structures in transport justify strong public sector involvement - but are prevailing regulatory and governance structures restraining private initiative too much? Do they hamper the emergence of seamless services or discriminate against some flexible forms of transport?

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