Side Events and Other Events at the Summit

Within the Summit programme, there are opportunities for organisations to host events looking at topics that complement the Summit theme. In 2015, the theme is Transport, Trade and Tourism. These complementary events can take a variety of formats, run for different durations and be held onsite at the conference centre or at another offsite venue.

In 2015, there are five different types of complementary events - Side Events, Presentations, Media Events, Agreement Signings, and other offsite events. For further information please refer to the briefing document (pdf).

  1. Side Events

    Side Events are a vital component of the ITF Summit, providing important opportunities for key transport stakeholder organisations to present recent work, foster debate on key issues, or conduct technical and policy discussions.

    The overview of Side Events offer in 2015 includes details of the offer, conditions and fees.

    Should you wish to submit a request for hosting a Side Event at the Summit, please complete the online application form.

    Applications close on 7 November 2014

    Contact or

  2. Presentations - Contact

  3. Media Events - Contact

  4. Agreements Signings - Contact

  5. Offsite Events - Contact