Principal Acts of the ECMT 1953-2003 (ECMT Acquis)



The texts below are those which are included on the CD-ROM which accompanies the publication.


1.   Founding Text
2.   International Agreements
  • CONSTITUENT ACTS of EUROFIMA  --   European Company for the Financing of Railway Rolling Stock - signed in Berne on 20th October 1955
    Paris, ECMT Publication, 1955
    Actes constitutifs de la société EUROFIMA    Abkommen über die Gründung der EUROFIMA. Zusatz-Protokoll
3.   General Transport Policy
4.   Market Integration
  • Other documents:
5.   Trade Facilitation
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6.   Road Freight Transport
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7.   Multilateral Quota
8.   Road Passenger Transport
9.   Rail Transport
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10.  Inland Waterways
11.  Intermodal Transport and Logistics
12.  Urban Transport
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13.  Infrastructure
14.  Payment for the Use of Infrastructure
15.  Transport and the Environment
  • DECISION on Sustainable Development
    Activities of the Conference. Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of Transport and Reports approved in 2000 (47th Annual Report)
    Décision sur le développement durable   Russian version
  • Other documents:
16.  Access and Inclusion
17.  Road Safety
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18.  Crime in Transport, Terrorism and Security in Transport
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19.  New Technologies
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