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JULY 2010
Forum 2010: Family PhotoDear Friends and Colleagues,

For the third time, the International Transport Forum brought together Ministers and decision-makers from more than 50 countries in Leipzig, Germany, in the last week of May to debate strategic issues facing transport.

We had three days of high-calibre debates and global networking focused on innovation in transport, with topics ranging from the future of aviation in the wake of the volcano crisis to e-mobility to the wireless revolution in transport. Bertrand Piccard, the inspiring Swiss aviator and solar power pioneer, shared with us his vision of transforming the energy base not only of transport, but of our entire lifestyle. The then President of Germany, Horst Köhler, made a very topical contribution in demanding “cost truth” in transport and raising the issue of a tax on kerosene fuel, a suggestion that was heatedly debated at the Forum and in the media. It was Mr. Köhler’s last public speech as President, as he unexpectedly resigned on the following Monday.

The many lively discussions on the podiums and in the hallways of the Leipzig conference centre were complemented by an inspiring exhibition with live demonstrations, special presentations from innovators, technical visits and of course the annual Gala with the presentation of the 2010 International Transport Forum Awards. At the Ministerial Session, Ministers debated a policy agenda to foster advances in the transport sector – a discussion that is reflected in the Key Messages document.

If you couldn’t be in Leipzig, or want to revisit the best moments of the 2010 International Transport Forum, you will find the highlights in this newsletter. We hope to welcome you all next year in Leipzig on 25-27 May 2011, when leaders from around the world will examine the interaction of transport and society.

Best wishes,

Jack Short
Secretary General
International Transport Forum
Forum 2010: Highlights Video International Transport Forum 2010: Selection of Highlights
Ministers and inventors, visionaries and industry leaders: From 26-28 May 2010, the world of transport met in Leipzig, Germany, for the third time at the leading global summit on mobility to debate strategies for innovation.
Forum 2010: Horst Köhler video President Köhler: "Mobility is Key"
Germany’s then Head of State Horst Köhler engaged the transport community with a passionate keynote speech on the challenges the sector faces. Among other things, Köhler pleaded for "cost truth" in transport. More...
Forum 2010: Bertrand Piccard video Visionary Piccard: Around the Globe, Powered by the Sun
In Leipzig, the Initiator of Solar Impulse, the project to fly a solar-powered plane around the globe in 30 days, inspired participants with his passion for innovation. More...
In the Media: German National Television Report on the 2010 Forum Media interest in the International Transport Forum continues to grow. Germany’s main lunchtime TV news featured this report on the Forum. Mentions in German media doubled vis-à-vis 2009, and international journalists from China, Russia and even North Africa covered the Forum on site. More...

Watch Amar Bhidé (Harvard), Ian Goldin (Oxford), Wolfgang Mayrhuber (Lufthansa), John Micklethwait (The Economist) speak at the 2011 International Transport Forum: http://webtv.internationaltransportforum.org.
Key Messages: How to Shape the Future of Transport
In Leipzig, delegations from 52 countries discussed and noted an agenda for creating the transport system of the future. It calls for unleashing transport’s potential for innovation and creating new partnerships for progress. Available in German, French and Russian.
Background Paper: Unleashing the Potential of Innovation
This report, prepared by the International Transport Forum’s Secretariat as a supplement to the Key Messages, contains additional thoughts and analysis on an innovation agenda for transport. Available in French and Russian.
Output: Forum Papers, Panel Summaries and Conclusions
The summaries of the panel discussions and debates at the International Transport Forum 2010 allow you to revisit the arguments exchanged and conclusions drawn. Also included are the analytical papers from leading thinkers commissioned for the Forum to stimulate substantive and focused debate. More...
If you were at the Forum this year, you may have encountered a hosting staff wielding a handheld computer and asking questions about transport and innovation. This was the Forum survey team, taking the pulse of the transport community assembled in Leipzig. Not a full-blown scientific field study, to be sure, but the figures gathered from 169 respondents provide an interesting glimpse at how transport leaders think about their sector.
The greatest global challenge in transport is: Which transport mode most needs innovation?
43 per cent of respondents feel that transport is more innovative than other industries, although one in four is more sceptical and sees transport lagging. Road is seen as the least innovative mode: 53% think that way, about half as many (27%) place rail at the bottom of the list. The greatest challenge to transport is seen in reducing emissions and increasing efficiency (65% taken together). But reducing congestion and road fatalities are also seen as major challenges. Technology is seen as the main driver of innovation (44%), while service (28%) and regulation (27%) are seen as somewhat less important. Asked to estimate the market share for electric vehicles in 2020, one in four (25%) respondent believes the share wil not reach 5%. Yet only slightly fewer respondents (20%) see it above 20% by 2020. The relative majority (34%) foresees a market share for electric vehicles between 5 and 10% - informed guesses to be debated at the 2020 International Transport Forum.
Hossam Abdelgawad, Winner of the Young Researcher award How to Evacuate a Big City
The winner of the International Transport Forum’s 2010 Young Researcher of the Year Award is Hossam Abdelgawad of the University of Toronto, Canada, for his paper on “Managing Large-Scale Multimodal Emergency Evacuations”. More...
Outstanding Innovation in Public Transport
Cities from Britain, Germany, India, Spain and Sweden were honoured for innovative ideas in improving public transport. The overall winner of this prize, awarded by the International Transport Forum and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and, was the Consorcio Régional de Transportes de Madrid, Spain. More...
Transport Outlook 2010: The Future of Global Transport Transport Outlook 2010: The Future of Global Transport
Growing population, increasing urbanisation and higher incomes will boost demand for transport and put great pressure on transport systems around the globe. Transport Outlook 2010, the International Transport Forum’s annual flagship report launched in Leipzig, takes a look at scenarios for the future of global transport. Click here to download
Reducing Transport Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Trends and Data 2010
This International Transport Forum report provides an update of greenhouse gas emission trends from the transport sector and discusses the outcomes of the December 2009 Copenhagen summit on climate change. It provides data on CO2 emissions of more than 50 economies. The report is based on material collected for a working group report on greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies which will be released later in 2010. Click here to download

The Future for Interurban Passenger Transport: Bringing Citizens Closer Together
As interurban passenger transport grows, so does the need to manage environmental impacts effectively. Success depends on our ability to innovate, to manage congestion, and to improve the quality of transport services. We need to know what drives demand, if and when to invest in high-speed rail, how to regulate to ensure efficient operation, how to assign infrastructure to different types of users, and how to control transport’s environmental footprint. These symposium conference proceedings bring together ideas of leading transport researchers from around the world on the future for interurban passenger transport. Click here to purchase
Argentina Joins Road Safety Data Collection Efforts
An agreement on a four-year joint project to set up a crash data collection and analysis section was signed between Spain (represented by the Dirección General de Tráfico, DGT) and Argentina (represented by the Agencia Nacional de Seguridad Vial, ANSV) on 12 April 2010. This project is a follow-up of the Memorandum of Understanding between the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility and the International Transport Forum and will further involve Argentina in the activities of the International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD). It is embedded in a wider co-operation programme between Spain and Argentina financed by the Global Road Safety Facility. In the picture, from left to right: Stephen Perkins (International Transport Forum), Corina Puppo (ANSV), Fred Wegman (IRTAD), Anna Ferrer (DGT) and Bjorn Stafbom (World Bank).

Cambodia to Improve Crash Data System
A co-operation programme to develop the crash data system of Cambodia was set up by A Memorandum of Understanding signed in May. The agreement involves the International Transport Forum, the National Road Safety Committee of Cambodia, the Dutch Road Safety Research Institute (SWOV), Handicap International Belgium and Road Safety for All. Training sessions were organised by SWOV in April 2010, and a Dutch Team will visit Cambodia in June to assess the current data collection system and help review Cambodia’s road safety policy. The agreement also entails the aim of including Cambodia as a full member of the IRTAD Group.

6-7 July 2010: Global Rail Freight Conference, UIC, Saint Petersburg, Russia

11-15 July 2010: World Conference on Transport Research, Lisbon, Portugal

The 2011 International Transport Forum will take place on 25-27 May 2011 in Leipzig, Germany. Please mark these dates in your calendar. For more information, and to explore participation, exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us: .

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The International Transport Forum is a strategic think tank for the transport sector. Each year, it brings together Ministers from over 50 Countries, along with leading decision-makers and thinkers from the private sector, civil society and research, to address transport issues of strategic importance. An intergovernmental organisation within the OECD, the Forum's goal is to shape the transport policy agenda, and ensure that it contributes to economic growth, environmental protection, social inclusion and the preservation of human life and wellbeing. The 2011 International Transport Forum, to be held on 25-27 May in Leipzig, Germany, will focus on Transport and Society.