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New Data: A Record Decade for Road Safety
Road Safety/freefoto.com New data on road fatalities in 33 countries published by the International Transport Forum show that the first ten years of the 21st Century was a record decade for road safety.

The number of road fatalities fell in 30 of the 33 countries analysed by the ITF’s International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD). In many countries, the average annual drop in road deaths was dramatically higher during the 2000-2009 period than in previous decades – Spain for instance registered an average annual drop of 8.5%, as compared to 4.4% in the 1990’s. The largest drop in traffic-related deaths occurred in Portugal (-55%) and Spain (-53%), where the number of road fatalities fell by more than half. France achieved a reduction of 47%. Weighted by road deaths per 100 000 inhabitants, the UK (3.8) did best in 2009, followed by Sweden and the Netherlands (both 3.9) and Israel (4.2).

The findings of the International Transport Forum were widely reported in the international media, among others by Newsweek (US), Daily Mail (UK), Spiegel Online (Germany), New Zealand Herald (NZ), The Phnom Penh Post, (Cambodia), Irish Independent (Ireland), Het Laateste Nieuws (Belgium) and Malaysian Digest (Malaysia).
Jack Short meets U.S. Transport Secretary Ray LaHood
U.S. Secretary of Transport Ray LaHood U.S. Secretary of Transport Ray LaHood met with International Transport Forum  Secretary General Jack Short and Head of Policy Mary Crass in Washington, D.C., on 21 September. On the occasion, Secretary LaHood expressed his particular interest in next year’s Forum theme “Transport and Society” and indicated his intention to be present at the 2011 International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany, on 25-27 May. “We very much welcome these words of support from Secretary LaHood”, said Secretary General Jack Short. “His interest in the themes to be discussed, such as the continued priority to improve road safety and transport’s role in ensuring liveable communities emphasises how topical the theme for 2011 is. We are looking forward once again to welcoming all Ministers from the International Transport Forum countries to Leipzig next May."

The focus of the 2011 International Transport Forum will be on ways to develop the global transport system to better serve individuals and societies. Among the issues Transport Ministers, business leaders, renowned academics and representatives of civil society will discuss in Leipzig are meeting users’ travel needs, rights to mobility, ensuring transport accessibility, options for more sustainable cities and the balance between security and individual liberties. The 2011 International Transport Forum offers opportunities for governments, transport organisations and companies to participate in or to sponsor Forum activities and events. Please contact Colin Stacey at .
Aviation: Lessons Learned From the Volcano
EyjafjallajökullNew procedures for dealing with volcanic ash clouds were set out by aviation regulators at an international conference on the effects of the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption, organised by Iceland’s Keilir Aviation Academy on 15 September. The event brought together aviation regulators, airline representatives, meteorologists and volcanologists to review the international response to the 2010 ash crisis and the current methods for managing the transport impacts of future eruptions.

Although activity has ceased at Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland’s President Olafur Grimsson warned that there will inevitably be further eruptions, possibly much bigger and longer than in the spring of 2010. For the International Transport Forum, Stephen Perkins, Head of the Joint Transport Research Centre, reviewed the economic damage inflicted by the ash cloud in terms of lost GDP, amounting to $5 billion. A prolongation of the disruption might well have pushed some airlines already seriously compromised by the financial crisis into bankruptcy. The ash cloud revealed the shortcomings of the safety regulations in place. The reference level of ash concentration in place for identifying hazardous ash clouds was too low for dealing with the contamination of a very large area of densely trafficked airspace with dispersed ash.

Regulators and aero-engine manufacturers worked fast to define a more precise level of tolerance to low-level ash exposure, raising the limit tenfold. A week into the crisis this enabled the designated no-fly-zones to be reduced greatly and services to resume. Agreement on rules for flying around no-fly-zones in areas where ash is detectable appears close, with primary responsibility likely to reside with pilots and airlines. The world’s regulators are cooperating in defining procedures that avoid excessive disruption to transport activity, with no compromise on safety, and universal applicability. A collection of presentations on the volcanic ash crisis are available on the conference website.
Walk21 Conference: Getting Communities Back on their Feet
17-19 November 2010, The Hague

The International Transport Forum is co-organiser of the upcoming 11th edition of the WALK21 Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities, the world’s leading discussion platform for pedestrian issues. The conference will be hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and the City of The Hague, Netherlands on 17-19 November.

WALK21 will showcase research, projects and initiatives to promote walking in cities as an important element of a sustainable transport system. Focal themes of the conference include:
  • Creating safe, accessible and sustainable conditions for pedestrian activity;
  • Defining success, benchmarking and measuring the value of money spent on walking projects;
  • The relationship between economic vitality and where people choose to walk;
  • Managing a harmonious coexistence between cyclists and walkers.
For the International Transport Forum, Secretary General Jack Short will deliver a keynote presentation at the opening session. WALK21 will also highlight the preliminary conclusions of the International Transport Forum’s research project on Pedestrian Safety, Urban Space and Health. Learn more
Call for Applications: Young Researcher of the Year 2011
Young Researcher of the Year AwardEvery year, the International Transport Forum’s Young Researcher of the Year Award recognises the work of a young researcher or researchers submitting the best research paper on the theme of the annual International Transport Forum summit. The 2011 theme is “Transport and Society”, and once more the International Transport Forum invites young researchers from around the world to submit original work on this theme for this prestigious award. The submitted paper may analyse any aspect of the role of transport in our societies.

The award is open to researchers under 35 years of age who have undertaken their research in an institution, university or consultancy firm located in a member country of the International Transport Forum. Candidate dossiers will be examined by a jury consisting of international experts from transport as well as economic research, under the aegis of the International Transport Forum’s Joint Transport Research Centre. A prize of 5 000 euros will be awarded to the best study. It will be presented at an official award ceremony during the 2011 International Transport Forum, attended by many Transport Ministers of member countries. Details are available on www.internationaltransportforum.org. Applications for the award should be submitted in electronic format to Michel Violland at . The deadline for applications is 25 February 2011, 18.00 CET.
Secure Truck Parking Areas: Kick-off for LABEL Implementation Phase
The International Transport Forum and the International Road Transport Union (IRU) will present the implementation plan for secure Truck Parking Areas (TPA) labelling and certification scheme at the European Truck Parking Conference in Brussels, Belgium, on 25 October. Both organisations signed a co-operation agreement with the EU-funded LABEL project in July to promote a sustainable development of TPAs that guarantees sufficient levels of security and comfort through standardisation and evaluation. The agreement entails support for setting criteria for security and service quality as well as for test audits of TPAs. Read more here
Statistics: Slower Growth in Freight
Data for the first quarter of 2010 collected by the International Transport Forum show signs of a slight slow-down in the growth of inland freight transport in the EU. Rail freight volume fell by 0.1% in the 1st quarter of 2010 compared with the 4th quarter of 2009. Road freight growth also shows signs of slowing down, as did rail passenger transport. Read more here
2010 Forum Highlights 2010 Forum Highlights: "Transport and Innovation: Unleashing the Potential"
This publication highlights the crucial importance of innovation in the transport sector for our common future in a globalised world. It condenses the main findings of expert panels and round tables bringing together leading figures from politics, industry, research and civil society. View more
Assessment of the International Truck Fleet Assessment of the International Truck Fleet
This report provides full information on the performance benchmarking study undertaken for 39 trucks across OECD/ITF countries. The performance measures examined include vehicle dynamic safety, energy efficiency, CO2 efficiency, infrastructure impact and freight transport productivity. Download publication 
Moving Freight with Better Trucks: Summary Document Moving Freight with Better Trucks: Summary Document
This report identifies potential improvements in terms of more effective safety and environmental regulation for trucks, backed by better systems of enforcement. It also points to opportunities for greater efficiency and higher productivity. Read summary 
Airport Regulation Investment & Development of Aviation Airport Regulation Investment & Development of Aviation
This report is based on the conclusions drawn on financing airport infrastructure through airport charges in light of the competitive interaction between airports and airlines. It is based on the 2009 International Transport Forum workshop on Gateway Airport Investment and Development of Airline Services for a Global Economy in Leipzig. Read more
Transport Events of Interest

17th ITS World Congress - 25-29 October 2010, Busan, Korea

3rd European Logistics Summit - 26 October 2010, Brussels, Belgium

4th International Taxi Congress - 5 November 2010, Cologne, Germany

The Future of Road Transport, Politics Meets Techniques, European Automotive Summit 2010
9-10 November 2010, Brussels, Belgium

3rd International Conference on Public Transport Financing and 6th UITP Asia-Pacific Congress
15-19 November, Hong Kong, China

Driving the Transition to Sustainable Transport - 18 November 2010, Brussels, Belgium

Defining and Evaluating Transport Accessibility - 18-19 November 2010, London, UK

Innovation in Transport for Sustainable Cities and Regions, POLIS 2010 Conference
25-26 November 2010, Dresden, Germany

COP 16, UN Climate Change Conference, 29 November-10 December 2010, Cancun, Mexico

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The International Transport Forum is a strategic think tank for the transport sector. Each year, it brings together Ministers from over 50 countries, along with leading decision-makers and actors from the private sector, civil society and research, to address transport issues of strategic importance. An intergovernmental organisation linked to the OECD, the Forum's goal is to help shape the transport policy agenda, and ensure that it contributes to economic growth, environmental protection, social inclusion and the preservation of human life and wellbeing. The 2011 International Transport Forum, to be held on 25-27 May in Leipzig, Germany, will focus on Transport and Society.