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December 2012
Prof. Jaap de Wit summarises Roundtable

Videos, including summary interview with Roundtable Chair Prof. Jaap de Wit

Discussion Papers

Understanding future travel demands

Growth in passenger travel demand in developed economies has recently shown strong signs of slowing or even declining, particularly for car travel.

Price and incomes matter, although precisely how is not always obvious, and so do changing demographics. But there are less straightforward and less tangible factors that affect car use, often in ways not well understood, and with major differences between countries.

Improving the understanding of these trends is important as designing good transport policies, including infrastructure development, requires insight into the likely development for demand for transport. The ITF's Roundtable on Long-run Trends in Travel Demand brought together international experts in the subject on 29-30 November to discuss and better understand these trends.

Global Freight Data Show Trade Slowing Down
The latest update of global freight data collected by ITF shows global trade volumes are slowing down:

- USA and EU27 external trade, measured in tonnes of goods moved, remain stagnant and indicate further decline since the previous quarter;

- EU27 imports by air fall below pre-crisis levels for the first time since Q1/2010, suggesting weakening domestic demand;

- Trade by value shows a more mixed picture;

- China's external trade, by value, remains flat;

- Road and rail freight decline in the EU area, further indicating weak domestic performance.
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ITF Secretary-General on France24
France24, the French international news channel, interviewed ITF Secretary-General José Viegas on the future of the aviation market, against the background of France's airport operator Aéroports de Paris taking up a stake in Turkish airport operator TAV, who runs, among others, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir airports.
Link to video | vidéo en français

Forum Activities
Ambassadors and delegation members from ITF countries were briefed by Secretary-General José Viegas on the work of the organisation and his plans for improving value for members in Paris on 3 December. The two-hour seminar was attended by 32 representatives from ITF countries, both OECD and non-OECD. 14 ambassadors were present. A lively Q&A, marked by appreciation for the Secretariat's initiative and support for ITF's new direction, was followed by a reception. Responding to suggestions from participants, José Viegas announced that regular briefings for Ambassadors will be institutionalised and held at least once per year. Viegas invited delegations to become more actively involved with the work of ITF and be a catalyst for bringing to bear the organisation's competencies for the benefit their countries' policy-makers.

Secretary-General José Viegas delivered a keynote speech on "How is European transport policy adapting to an increasingly globalised context?" during a panel which included EU Vice-President Siim Kallas at the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) Transport Policy Event in Brussels, Belgium. Viegas' speech referred, inter alia, to the difficulty of finding adequate funding mechanisms for transport infrastructure, a subject to be debated at the ITF Summit in Leipzig, Germany in May 2013.
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Transport Facts

Free transport data and statistics from the International Transport Forum

Brazil: Second Quarter 2012 Shows Trade Slowing Down. Read the Statistics Brief.

Transport Facts
Discussion Papers:

Peak Travel, Peak Car and the Future of Mobility: Evidence, Unresolved Issues, and Policy Implications, and a Research Agenda

Are We Heading Towards a Reversal of the Trend for Ever-Greater Mobility?

Have Americans Hit Peak Travel? A Discussion of the Changes in US Driving Habits

New drivers in mobility; what moves the Dutch in 2012 and beyond?
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Ucoming Events
Transportforum 2013

VTI (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute)
9 January
Linkoping, Sweden

TRB 92nd Annual Meeting

Transportation Research Board
13-17 January
Washington, D.C., USA

Intermodes 2013

6 February
Brussels, Belgium

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