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May 2013

Global transport community tackles funding dilemma at ITF's 2013 Summit

1000 participants from 76 countries, including 50 Ministers and Vice-Ministers, pushed the envelope on new approaches for transport funding at ITF's 2013 Summit in Leipzig, Germany, from 22-24 May.

The 2013 event offered the richest programme of any Summit to date, with 16 plenaries and panel discussions, 15 press conferences and media briefings, a dozen technical and cultural excursions as well as twelve side events organised by ITF's partners during the Summit.

More than 60 bilateral meetings were held between delegations on the fringe of the Summit and five bilateral agreements were signed between member countries.

Summit outputs are now available online for your reference:

- Declaration from Ministers on Funding Transport

- Keynote speech by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen

- Session-related resources (see below)

- Video interviews

- Summit photos (also available for free download and use via ITF's Flickr photostream)

- Full list of registered participants


Daily video highlights on YouTube
Day 1 Highlights:
"Understanding the Issues"

Day 2 Highlights:
"Taking Action"

Day 3 Highlights:
"Connecting Regions"

>> See all videos

Session outputs at your fingertips
For all session-related resources, follow the direct links to get summaries, key quotes, presentations as well as photos and video recordings on the interventions:

Innovative Transport Funding

Making Better Choices: Assessing Transport Investment

Opening Plenary: Investing for Growth (including Amartya Sen's presentation)

Taking Stock of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Aviation's Quest for Financial Sustainability

Public Consultation: Bringing Communities and Transport Users on Board

Transport Innovation Talks

Open Ministerial Session: Attracting Private Finance and Ensuring Predictable Funding

Defining Spending Priorities: What's First?

Linking Networks: Funding Cross-Border Transport

Looking to the Long-term: Funding Transport Infrastructure

Urban and Regional Mobility: Who Pays?


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