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May 2013

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Why is it important to discuss transport funding?
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Global Summit on Funding Transport starts in three weeks

With three weeks to go to the Annual Summit of Transport Ministers in Leipzig, Germany on 22-24 May, registrations are well above last year's level for the event that will centre on how to solve transport's funding dilemma. Top speakers will include many Ministers as well as Nobel prize laureate Amartya Sen of Harvard University, the editor-in-chief of The Economist, John Micklethwait, and Rachel Kyte, Vice-President for Sustainable Development at the World Bank. Transport ministers, business leaders, top researchers and representatives from International Organisations will seek new approaches to fund and finance the rapidly growing demand for high-quality transport networks and services in an era marked by tight public budgets and the need to stimulate economic growth.

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Media out in full force at Berlin Summit briefing
Almost three dozen journalists, including correspondents from 14 countries, attended the annual ITF Media Lunch in Berlin on 25 April. ITF Secretary-General José Viegas (left) briefed on the 2013 Summit theme, Funding Transport, and emphasised the need to find innovative solutions to narrow the funding gap for transport infrastructure, estimated by OECD at USD 11 trillion. The guest of honour  Andreas Scheuer, Parliamentary State Secretary in Germany's Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, highlighted the Summit's evolution into a unique global get-together for transport decision-makers. Following the media briefing, Mr. Viegas also met with German Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Peter Ramsauer.


Global Freight: Slow Change in 2012
The latest Statistics Brief from ITF provides an update of global freight data through December. Main points:
- Freight volumes, measured in tonnes of goods moved, indicate macroeconomic stagnation since 2012. Trade does not appear to return to pre-crisis patterns in the short-term.
- This prompts us to take January 2011 (the most recent peak) as the new point of reference, allowing us to capture more recent trade dynamics better.
- External trade by sea continues to stagnate around this new level of reference in the United States and the EU27, but USA imports decline strongly and EU exports grow by 14%.
- External trade by air, considered as a lead indicator, shows a possible upward turning point in the United States.
- Rail and road freight volumes decline in the EU area, indicating weakening of domestic demand.

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Road experts to chair new transport research database
Andrew Meier of Australian road research group ARRB has taken over as Chair of the new Transport Research International Database (TRID) at the International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) database Operational Committee meeting on 15-16 April in Paris. Mr. Meier succeeds Birgitta Sandstedt (VTI Sweden), who has successfully led the creation and proper functioning of the transport database, which has logged over one million searches since its launch in January 2011. The increase in search activity in China, India and Korea reflects the greater international importance of TRID.

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Funding Transport: 2013 Summit of the International Transport Forum

22-24 May 2013
Leipzig, Germany

KVF International Congress on Mobility and Road Safety in an Ageing Society

19-20 June 2013
Vienna, Austria

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