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July 2013

ITF opens top cycling conference

ITF economist Philippe Crist delivered the opening keynote of the largest ever Velo-city conference on "The Sound of Cycling - Urban Cycling Cultures" to an audience of over 1 400 including the Mayor and Vice-Major of Vienna and Austria's Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology. Setting the tone for the three-day conference, Mr. Crist's keynote on 11 June focused on the essential role of non-motorised transport modes in addressing the mobility challenges posed by population growth, particularly in developing countries. It also highlighted the importance of cycling safety, the necessity of political will, the need to include the cycling mode as part of urban planning, and its integration with public transport.

Highlighting ITF's importance as a provider of evidence-based policy advice, the keynote also drew on key messages and recommendations from the upcoming report on Cycling Safety, to be published shortly by ITF.

Velo-city 2013 conference website

More information on ITF's cycling safety work

1% of GDP: average road and rail infrastructure investment
Latest data released by the ITF show that investment in inland transport infrastructure has remained at around 1% of GDP since 1995 in OECD countries. The new report, Spending on Transport Infrastructure 1995-2011: Trends, Policies, Data, and a related database, finds a relatively constant investment share of GDP in Western European countries, while data for North America show a share below the OECD average. Spending for Central and Eastern European countries grew sharply from around 1% of GDP in 2002, reaching a record high of 2% in 2009. The consistency in figures suggests investment levels may be affected by factors other than real investment needs. "Levels of transport spending may be guided by historical budget levels, institutional budget allocation procedures or budgetary constraints taking into account also needs in the other sectors of the economy", says ITF economist Jari Kauppila.

This freely available 2013 edition presents aggregate trends in inland transport infrastructure investment and maintenance since 1995.

Free report download and data access

Jari Kauppila (ITF) and IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto
Government role in cross-border transport highlighted
Focusing on interfaces and better management of existing infrastructure for improving cross-border transport and improving the reliability of transport networks was at the heart of a presentation by ITF economist Jari Kauppila at the 7th International Road Transport Union (IRU) Euro-Asian Road Transport Conference and Ministerial Meeting on 12-13 June in Amman, Jordan. These key messages are particularly pertinent to ITF partners in the Middle East region where border crossing waiting times account for almost 60% of time lost during transport. The presentation followed from the ITF 2013 Annual Summit panel discussion on "Linking Networks: Funding Cross-Border Transport".

7th IRU Euro-Asian Road Transport Conference website

Linking Networks: Funding Cross-Border Transport - ITF 2013 Summit session




High-level debate on 2014 Summit theme
Ministry representatives from ITF member countries attended the 2014 Summit Task Force meeting in Paris on 28 June to take forward preparations for the 2014 Summit under the Presidency of France on the theme "Transport for a Changing World", which will take place in Leipzig, Germany from 21-23 May 2014.

The ITF is working together with the European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum (F&L) on a Sustainable Transport and Supply Chains project. This project is considering practical steps that industry and decision-makers can take to enhance supply chain performance and intermodal movements in order to respond to sustainability challenges. The first meeting, hosted by ITF's Secretary-General José Viegas and economist Jari Kauppila, took place on 2 July in Paris. The F&L is an international association that brings together shippers and transport providers to optimise supply chains across Europe. Members of F&L include major shippers and transport providers from Europe.

Vacancy notice: ITF is seeking one or more Transport Researchers.

More information here


Video highlights from Summit 2013

Overall highlights

Session highlights

Behind the Scenes
More on the Summit 2013 website

Kuhmo NECTAR Conference and Summer School on Transportation Economics

8-12 July 2013
Illinois, USA

13th World Conference on Transport Research. WCTR 2013!

15-18 July 2013
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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